Chalking it up to experience…

I’ve spent the last 3-4 weeks intermittently building our control system for our servers. I’ve put a lot of time and effort into building it a certain way. Then last night, I decided to have a significant change in direction (and I do mean drastic).

Close to “scrap it and start again”.

It wasn’t quite that bad, because all the ‘logic’ behind how it all works remains the same. But I’d been working on building scripts which communicate with themselves directly. I wanted it this way, because it seemed a nice logical and low-overhead way of doing it… and it worked well, to a point.

But I decided, after hitting another snag that was just holding me up on development, to scrap what I was doing, and build it using a framework I was very familiar with. Within a matter of hours, I’d managed to adapt the core code, and get it semi-functioning on the new framework.

There are a whole host of benefits to doing it the ‘new’ way, but I’d invested WEEKS of my time, and effort, into building it the old way. The default instinct, is to keep going because you’ve invested so much time and effort into it. You want to make it work because otherwise that time is lost.

But that was something my mentor drilled into me a long time ago: The sunk cost fallacy. The continuation of something because of the time, money or effort previously invested into it, even though you know it probably isn’t going to work/do what you want.

The end result is, a lot of people roll out projects, systems, or whatever… and they really aren’t how they’d been ‘visualised’ at the start.

Sometimes, you’ve got to take a deep breath, and chalk it up to experience. As an web agency owner, I’ve spent far too much of my time in the past trying to make hosting solutions fit around what we need. And several times, we’ve tried to build our own systems, etc… but it’s not something you can just ‘dabble’ at.

This is why DataLords exists… we devote every waking second to building the best hosting platform around. If you’re interested in joining us early doors, and if you’re an agency – not only will you be invited to help us shape the future functionality and features, you’ll get FREE hosting whilst we’re in beta, and some unbelievable (lifetime) discounts for when we go live.

Some of the key functionality we’re going to feature:

  • Dedicated only hosting, every single website we’ll host for you will be on its own virtual machine
  • Your own VPN server to connect to our network securely, to manage your websites via FTP etc
  • Infinity backup – each server is replicated every 15 minutes and we retain backups for life
  • Control panel with all the tools you need… create a clone of the site in development mode in seconds, merge the changes back or revert back to original
  • Unlimited bandwidth and storage
  • Much more…

Find out about the beta program here.