DataLords welcomes Bill Goss, as he joins our board of directors

4 August 2020
Ben Waters
Ben Waters Technical Director
Bill Goss, Marketing Director

A hugely exciting announcement today, as we announce that Bill Goss is joining our board of directors. He’ll be taking the place of Marketing Director, and will be helping us to communicate effectively, and deliver our core message – which revolves around the key statement: We want to make the Internet a better place.

Bill has been helping people for years to print and publish books, to market themselves better, and to communicate their message in a way that brings their business better results… so we could think of no-one better to help us grow the business over the coming weeks, months and years.

Our mission, to make the Internet a better place, will be achieved by:

  • Making the Internet Faster:
    By removing the idea of shared hosting, and focusing on providing dedicated hosting environments for every single website, and ensuring that the website is constantly monitored for speed and performance, we’ll be helping to make websites load faster for everyone.
  • Making the Internet Safer:
    By delivering content and workshops to both children and (perhaps more importantly) parents, we’ll be educating people on how to use the Internet in a safe way, and how to deal with online/cyber bullying. We’ll be helping educate parents who perhaps don’t understand just how “at risk” their children may be when playing games online, as well as many other areas of Internet safety.
  • Focusing on Carbon Negative:
    As we grow our business, we’ll first be ensuring we aim to build our hosting infrastructure in a carbon neutral way, but our goal in the long term is to be carbon negative (i.e. going a step further than carbon neutral!)

If you’re a web design agency, and you’re looking for a “better way” to manage your hosting, look no further than DataLords. Contact us today on 020 7099 7484, or get in touch here. If you’d like to find out more about our beta program, click here.