The upcoming DataLords platform, and why it’s designed the way it is…

14 July 2020
Ben Waters
Ben Waters Technical Director

We’re officially announcing that our platform will be ready for beta testers on the 1st September 2020. following consultation with a number of web agencies on our initial designs for the interface. That’s around a month away now, which will (especially in the ‘development world’) fly by.

We’ve talked a lot about making the Internet a better place… it’s one of our key goals. At the moment, this you could consider this a “David vs Goliath” moment… we’re a fledgling company, starting out – with a big mission. We know it’ll take time to help bring the Internet to being a better, faster and safer place – and we’re ready to commit that time.

Having heavily leant on the last 20 years experience, we have taken a very careful approach with the structure of our servers, network and company to ensure we’re able to scale fast, and able to help agencies from 50 accounts 5,000. In every instance, we’re providing a better service, a faster service, and at better value for money.

Many web agencies have their hosting and domains in a variety of places. They do this for a variety of reasons. Cost, is often a driving factor. Clients often don’t understand the value of good hosting – specifically, those clients who “don’t really use” their website. Their website is there “just because we need one” – and so, they couldn’t care less if it was on hosting that cost £1 a year – so how can you (and why should you) convince them that it’s better off on hosting that might cost 10 times as much?

Ultimately the answer is the truth: that now, more than ever, it’s absolutely crucial for every business to have a decent website that provides information about their business, and that it should load quickly. There’s no point in having a website that loads slowly, on cheap ‘overloaded’ hosting, because you’ll be either losing a high percentage of your visitors or frustrating people waiting for content to load. I used to use a statistic, that over 53% of people will abandon waiting for your site to load if it takes more than 3 seconds. But it’s actually worse than that.

According to Think with Google, the probability that someone will abandon waiting for your site to load, or even just leave the second it loads increases dramatically in just seconds. These figures go to show that if your website isn’t loading lightning fast, you’re more than likely losing visitors simply due to speed. If you’re a small business, now more than ever, a (good) website is hugely important. With the outbreak of corona virus changing our lives for the foreseeable future, people are instinctively looking online for help before contemplating seeing people face to face. They’re making more judgements on businesses, than they were say 6 months ago, based on the content of their website.

The new DataLords platform is designed to give everyone the benefit of a dedicated environment, but we give agencies tools to allow them to balance resources. That means that the ultra low usage sites can have fewer resources dedicated, but the higher usage sites can have more allocated – all at no extra cost – with proactive monitoring for every single website.

The benefit of DataLords to your agency, is complete freedom and control over the management of your websites, whilst ensuring each site is on its own dedicated platform, helping to keep it more secure, as well as allowing customisation of server side plugins/modules. With built in monitoring to ensure regardless that all sites have a specific load time, we can help you rest easy knowing that every site you host is both monitored for uptime and availability, as well as performance. The benefit to your client, is a fast, reliable, secure hosting environment that they can rely on – to help them generate business even in the toughest times.

To find out more about the beta program, click here.