The worst part about moving hosting…

25 June 2020
Ben Waters
Ben Waters Technical Director

As a both a consumer and supplier of hosting for many years, I’m well aware of the hassle of moving companies. Unless the websites you’re migrating are really basic, and/or the email usage of the account is minimal (or external, perhaps with Office365) then moving hosting for yourself or your clients is only something you would tend to do when you’re sick of problems with your current supplier.

It’s just a headache, isn’t it?

Having to do it out of hours, having to make sure (especially if it’s e-commerce) that no transactions can occur on the old hosting once the migration has started, having to make sure DNS updates quickly and efficiently… there are so many factors that contribute to moving hosting, I understand why you’d have to be really “sold” on moving to another hosting company. Especially with bulk accounts. Moving 500 accounts or more, is almost unthinkable.

But here at DataLords, we’re all about keeping it simple… and making your life easier.

So, for a limited time, whether you’re migrating one account, or a thousand… we’ll migrate them for you for free.

Our tech engineers have had years upon years of experience in both web design/development and server management – so it’s an absolute breeze for us to do it, and deal with any problems. On top of that, we’ll even do it out of hours as standard. On top of that, we’ll also support your clients where they need help updating email settings (if any… which generally they shouldn’t) or with any other issues related to the migration.

No charge, no hassle, no fuss.

On top of that, you get a centralised control panel to quickly and effortlessly manage all your account – both hosting and email… and of course, every single client gets their own dedicated environment, making it a much higher quality hosting product than the typical “off the shelf” cPanel shared-hosting solution.

Find out more, and find out how we can help you with truly the best business hosting designed for web agencies, by joining our beta program here.