We’re opening to Beta Testers!

Beta Testers

We’ve been busy building our hosting platform… and we’re pleased to say it’s pretty much ready to open for business.

The hosting platform, and our network (which is independently fed) is growing, with a planned upgrade in the next few months to join LINX (the London Internet Exchange) among others.

We’re building the best, most flexible and easiest to use control panel for web agencies. Everything we’re doing revolves around you, and making your life easier. We think we’ve got a pretty good idea of what to produce (because we come from a web agency background) but we need your help!

We’re looking for feedback, and testing, in particular of the control panel. Moving clients on to the hosting platform is perfectly safe because the hosting platform itself is solid, it’s the control panel we’re building/testing now.

But we understand it’s still a “risk”. So how about this:

  • We’re committing to a 99.999% Uptime and Availability Guarantee, excluding the planned upgrade which will be done out of hours (between midnight and 6am) and will only be done once (it’s a physical datacentre move, but it’s literally about 15minutes drive)
  • We’re offering 100% DISCOUNT to the first TEN agencies that come on board. That’s basically FREE hosting throughout our beta period. The ongoing pricing/costs will be discussed at point of application for the beta account.
  • We’re still offering 24/7 support throughout the beta period, so if anything goes wrong, any time, you can get hold of us by phone, email, or WhatsApp (you’ll be provided the WhatsApp support number when you join).

Our hosting platform is a powerful cluster of machines, built on a stable network, located in one of the best connectivity fed datacentres in the UK. Sign up today to join our beta program – just fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch…

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